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For over 20 years Rob has been providing high quality, local beef, poultry and pork to friends and family from his farm near Kingston, Ontario. His farm is committed to the ethical treatment of animals and the sustainable use of land. Animals raised here range freely on the property during the summer months, and feed on hay grown by Rob in the winter.  Rob respects the land he farms and uses responsible agricultural practices to minimize ecological impacts.  Use of local feed and farm-grown grasses reduces the environmental footprint left by trucking or shipping.

Straight From The Farm

Quality Meats

Industrially-farmed cattle may start off eating grass or grain, but most end up in the feedlot system, where they’re confined in a crowded space to fatten them up quickly – often at the expense of the health and comfort of the animal. Cows that graze freely on grass for most of their lives are not stressed by over-crowding or mass feeding. Many agree that happier, consciously-fed animals produce healthier meat with a richer, more flavourful taste. And since flavour and tenderness take time, all beef is naturally aged for a minimum of 21 days. Rob Green meats do not contain any growth hormones.

Variety &


Rob operates a small family farm and does not produce the high volumes of a “factory farm”. As such, the meat he produces is available only at selected times. If orders are placed early and regularly, Rob will do his best to manage his livestock to meet demand. Many of Rob’s orders are seasonal, please get in touch to ask what meats are available to order and when they can be ready for purchase.

Note: Currently only beef ordering is supported with an online form. Please use the contact form below to set-up orders for pork.


Most frequently available. Available in full and split sides. Smaller quantities and select cuts also available individually.


Available upon request but typically fall delivery.  Rob requires some notice to meet demand. Also available in sides and choice of cut. Please use the contact form below to set up orders for pork.

Why Buy Green?

  • Ethical and sustainable treatment of all livestock and land;
  • All animals are locally raised and pasture-fed;
  • Meats are of the highest quality, costing well below grocery store prices
  • No growth hormones are ever used;
  • The animals free range in the summer, and feed on hay in the winter grown on same farm;
  • Works with local, government inspected butcher in Yarker, Ontario;
  • You may customize all cuts purchased and the size of your order.

Fresh. Local. Good.

Ask About An Order

Send Rob a message to inquire about his meats, cuts and quantities available and delivery.

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Where We Roam

On the Farm

Rob Green lives and works on his farm in Odessa, Ontario; about halfway between Kingston and Napanee.

Rob can be contacted directly by cell:

Delivery outside the greater Kingston area can be requested for larger orders. Most orders are picked up by the customer in nearby Yarker, ON.

Meat Pick-Up

Rob prepares his meats in partnership with Quinn’s Meats , a top-quality, government-inspected butcher located in Yarker, Ontario.

Quinn’s Meats Ltd.

RR#2, 3998 County Rd. #1
Yarker, Ontario
K0K 3N0

Mon-Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 8am – 5pm
Sun: Closed