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Fill in this order form to specify the size and selection of your beef order. If you haven’t contacted Rob earlier, he will confirm the availability of your order, when it will be ready, and an approximate order price. The final cost of your order will be based on dressed weight, after the meat has been butchered into your requested cuts.

Please only use this order form if you are committed to purchasing an order. Payment for your order is made directly to Rob Green. Your order can be picked up at Quinn’s Meats in Yarker, Ontario unless alternate arrangements with Rob have been made.

Farm to Table


There are many ways to prepare and package an order of beef.  Read and expand our 4 easy steps below to see what your order will contain and how you can customize it.  Then place your order using the order form.   At the bottom of the page are more details about payment and how you pick-up your meat.

Want to customize your order further? You are welcome to call Quinn’s to discuss your own personal cut and wrap instructions.

4 Easy Steps

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Orders are normally for a split side of beef (quarter) or a side (half). Smaller quantities and specific cuts of meat can also be ordered here however the sides are the most economical purchase. If you have the freezer space it’s the way to go.

SPLIT SIDE: A split side is a quarter of beef and consists of a mixture of front and hind cuts of the beef. The butcher will mix the cuts to ensure an even distribution. The dress weight of a quarter typically ranges from 125 -150 lbs.

SIDE: A side is half the beef and the benefits of purchasing a side is that it allows more choice in the types of cuts you order. It is also a little less expensive per pound. A side will typically be a dress weight of 250-300 lbs.


The following types of meat can either be requested as roasts or cut as steaks.
Round    Eye of Round    Sirloin Tip    Blade    Cross Rib    Prime Rib*

The Short Rib and Rump are popular roasts (not recommended for steak). You may choose to have these as ground beef instead of roasts.

Sirloin, T-bone, and Filet are usually provided as steaks. However they can be requested as Sirloin, Striploin and Tenderloin roasts.

Flank Steak is available upon request. Meat not butchered as flank will be delivered as ground beef.

*For full sides of beef, Prime Rib can be divided into equal portions of roasts and steaks.


Most roasts are cut at 3-4 pounds but smaller or larger roasts are options depending upon your preference.

The typical thickness for a steak is 3/4 inch. There is an option to choose a different thickness (e.g. 1 inch) and to also specify how many steaks you would like in a single package. The standard package will contain 2 smaller or 1 larger steak.

If you do not change the cut or package size, the standard will be prepared.


The ground beef is lean and exceptional. Choose your package size by the pound – or order some as hamburger patties.

Five ounce patties in packages of six are very convenient and great on the BBQ. There is an additional $1.50 per pound charge for patties. You may choose a mixture of packaged ground and hamburger patties by specifying how many sleeves of patties you’d like in your order.

Stewing beef from your order will be chopped at no additional charge and included if requested. Meat not requested as stew will be included as ground beef.

You may also request the organs and bones to be included in your order. (Bones a great treat for dogs!) These are part of the beef you ordered so declining them does not affect your final price.

Still have questions?

Rob is happy to answer them and quote price per pound depending on market costs.

Price per pound is significantly lower than your grocery store!


Order Form

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Customize your order by specifying the order options below. For options not specified, the most common or “standard” choice will be delivered.

Round Cuts

Eye of Round Cuts

Blade Cuts

Sirloin Tip Cuts

Cross Rib Cuts

Prime Rib Cuts

Rump Cuts

Short Rib Cuts

Sirloin Cuts

T-Bone Cuts

Filet Cuts

Flank Steak

Roast Size

Steak Size

Stewing Beef

Packaged Ground Beef

Hamburger Patties (Extra $1.50/lb.)

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Payment & Pick-Up

Pick-Up & Storage Tips

The processing of your order includes time to age, cut, package and freeze your meat. You will be notified once your meat is ready to pick-up at Quinn’s Meats.

The size of your order can be substantial. A split side of beef can fill about 3 large chest coolers. Double that for a side. Be sure to arrive with enough space to transport your meat – and space to keep it frozen when you get home. Placing your meat in coolers is not necessary for transport. All cuts are completely frozen and will remain so for a couple of hours in the bags they are delivered in.

On a warm day consider bringing sleeping bags or warm blankets to insulate your order a bit on the way home!

Methods of Payment

Rob accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • E-Transfer (by email)

Payment is due upon pick-up at Quinn’s Meats. Please do not pay Quinn’s. Send Rob payment directly.

Rob can be contacted directly by cell: 613-386-5113

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